More people are dealing with chronic stress in today’s world than ever before. In the past, everyone had to deal with situational stress – maybe a health issue arose or there was an occasional traffic jam.

But these days, you’re dealing with looming debt, career dissatisfaction, global issues that used to be nothing more than a printed article in the daily newspaper. Now, it’s n your face at all hours of the day and you can’t escape it.

Pharmaceutical companies have been doling out pills to help people deal with the constant surge of the stress hormone, cortisol flowing through your veins, but that’s not an option many people want to take.

Your body was designed to use cortisol as a fight or flight hormone. When you encountered stress, it revved you up enough to handle the situation. Now, we’re amped up at all times, alerted to the many stress factors ruining our lives.

A blog can be one of the natural methods you use to deal with chronic stress, and it’s a great way to alleviate the troubles you’re dealing with and help you (and those reading your blog) see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Print journals, which some people still used today, are becoming less attractive to some consumers for many reasons. You have to continually buy new journals, they take up space in your house, and you have to handwrite them, in an age where most people simply type or text everything.

To address your stress through a blog format, you can make a daily schedule (or less often if you prefer) to deal with issues that are causing you stress. You can either post about each individual issue, such as a post about not getting help with housecleaning or a post about hating your job.

Or, you can simply put yourself on a daily blog entry schedule to address all of the various stress factors from each day. For example, today you dealt with a traffic jam that made you late to work, where the coworker dumped his project on you only to come home to a messy house and feet that are killing you.

Don’t just use the blog to vent your frustrations because then you’re just adding to the negativity in the world and staying mired in your problems. Instead, voice your dissatisfaction and then formulate plans to handle each one.

Is there another route you could take or could you leave early and stop for coffee closer to work to avoid traffic? What could you say to the coworker to prevent them from laying their work at your feet? Could you devise a housekeeping plan that delegates tasks to each family member to take the load off?

By managing solutions and not just honing in on problems, you’ll find relief at the end of each day instead of going to bed filled with a feeling of dread about what the next day will bring.

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