Creating something feels as easy as breathing to most creatives. It’s what they love. But every creative endeavor has another side to it that you might be struggling with. The worst thing that you can do to yourself is to try to force yourself to do things that aren’t your strength.

You’ll end up doing the job in a way that’s not only not your best, but makes you feel drained. This can steal your energy as well as your enthusiasm for whatever you’re creating.

When you’re a highly creative person, you feel the most energy when you’re creating. When you work on the creation part of any project, that’s where you’re most at home. You feel like you can fly through whatever the project is.

But the downside for creatives is that every project needs planning. That’s not something that creatives usually enjoy. On top of that, there are dozens of tasks that need to be handled in order for the creation to even get done.

When you add in delegation, this can make the creative person feel like shutting down. It can make them feel frustrated and often even turns off the creative flow. That’s because the part of the brain that handles business or task related issues is not the same side as the one that handles creative things.

As a creative, when you’re forced to switch from creating to business, you probably feel unable to work. The result of this can prevent you from achieving your goals no matter how much you want to create or work on a project.

There is a solution to the dilemma, though. You can hand off the drudge work to someone else by teaming up with a person who excels in all the areas that you don’t enjoy doing.

If there’s something that interferes with your creative side, it’s the best move that you can make because it protects the part of you that just wants to create. There’s no doubt that it takes drive and organization to be able to plan projects.

It takes a particular skill and strength to be able to handle tasking others or delegating steps. When you pass this off to someone else, it gives you the freedom to be the creative driven one rather than the person who has to handle all the other steps involved.

With this freedom, you’ll be able to bring the ideas to the table. The other person will be in charge of seeing that these ideas become a reality. They’ll be able to plan and set goals and organize people and resources so that deadlines are met, goals are achieved and your creative work is completed.

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