When you blog, you don’t want to just toss random things online. You want to blog with purpose. You want to empower yourself and you want to communicate with others in a way that influences them.

Communicate to Influence: How to Inspire Your Audience to ActionIn order to do that, you need to understand the cornerstone of communication and the purposes it’s used for. The book, Communicate to Influence, breaks this down into four easy options.

You communicate with blogging to inspire other people. Or, you write your posts to share information or inform. You might use your blog to direct or advise or even simply to entertain or you might do so to practice self-care by expressing thought creativity or things you ponder about.

Maybe you use your blog to reach other people – to entertain them with a laugh or to tell them a story. The book teaches users to go beyond simply sharing information. Aim to influence yourself and other people.

When you influence others, you stand out as a leader, as a beacon that others will follow because you have something with your words that speaks to them. You’ve woven a connecting thread that pulls them in.

Influencing an audience keeps them engaged. You can blog so well that it becomes a must-read blog. Others will turn to your blog day after day, week after week because you’ve created a hunger within them and they just have to see what you’re sharing.

The book teaches that an audience is like a searcher. They’re looking for something to move them, to inspire them – to challenge them or give them hope. They want to feel, think, and absorb something that’s bigger than what they are or the circle that they move in.

A good blog is one that’s built upon a why

Bloggers who seek to empower not only themselves but to reach others create a following because it shines a light on a cause, a common link that bonds human beings.

They want something to motivate them in their own lives. This is why, the book teaches, people, turn to those who can influence through communication. The authors cover the lies that are commonly believed in communication – such as sharing information is communicating, when it’s actually only a tiny part and not even the best part.

A truth that the book touches on is that effective, influential communication has nothing to do with the blogger. Instead, it’s a focus on the audience. When you know what your audience wants and you give that to them, you meet their need and that is what creates an emotional flow between blogger and audience.

The book teaches bloggers to look at what their audience is interested in – to seek to be kind and genuine. In the pages of this book, you’ll learn the art of storytelling to use in your blog posts.

You’ll learn about what to focus on with your communication in blogging and how to motivate people to take action. By learning how to effectively communicate as the book teaches, you can create powerful posts that will be remembered long after the reader has left the site.

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Author: Eric D Cooper

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