Having people to work with on creative projects can be both a blessing and a curse. While it’s true that others can provide you with additional insight and more inspiration than you originally had, it can also harm your creativity in two main ways.

First, it provides you with a crutch to get used to, and second, it muddles your original vision when you’re constructing something masterfully. When it comes to using others as a crutch, this is a common occurrence if you work with people consistently.

If you’re no longer used to working on your own, you can become overly reliant on others to bring their ideas to the table so that you can adapt and mold them into your own.

Without your own sense of raw creativity, when you start to work on your own, you’re going to feel a little bit lost. What tends to be more common though, is other people’s ideas intruding on your own, and muddling your vision of your work.

It might seem a bit pretentious to claim that you work best on your own, because you don’t want other people’s ideas interfering, but sometimes it’s very true. If your vision isn’t complete when other people start to comment on it, it can veer you off from your original completed concept that would’ve been better than what they steered it towards.

Commentary and suggestions are welcome after the fact in order to adapt your idea to better suit your needs, but that should come after the initial draft, so to speak. It’d be like if you were writing something, and someone behind your back started throwing out words while you were mid-sentence.

It’s going to throw you off and make you either mess up, lose track, or go in a different direction. There are many different ways that your vision can become blurred from other people’s input.

One very common one is through social media. Posting work-in-progress items online opens up a floodgate to the masses, allowing them to throw in whatever off hand comments and critiques they might have, which can really get in your head and make you second guess yourself.

Another common way this happens is in person. While you’re working, people might walk by and make suggestions or criticisms, and while they may or may not mean well, it can still be very distracting and very frustrating to deal with.

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