You’d never climb Mount Everest without a careful plan outlining in detail the best route to get there. But many of us run helter-skelter into unknown areas when attempting to reach our goals without any planning at all.

We simply know that there’s an opportunity that we might want to do and begin the trek regardless of the obstacles that are sure to arise and that we know nothing about. Stress and anxiety can arise and overwhelm even the strongest of desires for success.

If you know ahead of time what the triggers are that could cause stress and anxiety, you’ll be better able to combat them with a careful plan – arming yourself to overcome any negatives that come your way.

There are several ways to plan ahead and alleviate any fears you may have regarding a situation. Pre-planning before an event where you have to give a speech keeps you from rushing at the last minute to gather knowledge about what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it.

It’s not all mindset that can get you through your fears – sometimes the body and mind rebel against the food you’re ingesting or lack of exercise to keep your body fit and your mind sharp.

Caffeine, alcohol and chemicals found in most foods (especially fast foods) can wreak havoc with your moods and make your mind fuzzy. Before an event or situation you’re fearful about, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, getting plenty of vitamins B, C and E to boost the effectiveness of your nervous system and never eating a huge meal just before an event.

Your overall health may also trigger fears and anxiety. Try to get as much sleep as possible just before an event, eat well-balanced meals and exercise – even if it’s only some stretches or deep breathing.

Meditation may also help calm any fears you have about a particularly stressful or anxious situation. Affirmations during meditation can boost your self-confidence as you think about how you’ve handled situations successfully before.

It’s sometimes those things that are most fearful to you that can lead you to realize success and fulfill your dreams. For example, if the career path you’ve chosen means you have to speak in public and the thought leaves you anxious and stressed out, you’ll want to take steps to alleviate that fear.

You could take courses, engage a mentor or strive to discover other tips and advice on how to get over the fear. Remember that you don’t have to be perfect at anything you want to try.

Perfectionism can lead to the irrational fear that everyone notices when you make a mistake or take a wrong turn. In reality, no one cares and it’s doubtful than anyone even noticed.

Careful planning was imperative to NASA’s goal of achieving successful trips to the moon – and careful planning can serve to alleviate your fears and help you realize all your goals and dreams for the future, too!

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