Whenever you want to change something about yourself, which is a core principle in terms of focusing on personal development, you have to struggle through some tough times of mental pain before experiencing a breakthrough.

We have habits ingrained in us – some which we were taught and as adults, prefer to alter, and others that emerged as a way to cope with whatever situations we encountered that shaped our vision of the world.

You have to want and enable change for it to happen. It will never simple happen without your input and acceptance of it. This means you have to shape your existence into something that goes against your comfort zone.

This entire time you’ve lived on way, and now you want to live another. For that, you’ll need to be tuned in to what you’re doing as well as what’s happening around you. A digital blog can act as a journal for this process.

If you simply wish and hope for change, it’s usually not enough for it to truly occur. You have to set goals, formulate smaller milestones, make a list of tasks that you need to implement to see things through to completion.

If you keep doing the same thing every day, or continue engaging in behaviors or thought processes that aren’t beneficial for your better future, then you’ll never be able to emerge into the life you have always wanted.

Use your blog to create some personal accountability that lets you voice your struggles and shine a light on the truth of why you find it hard to do something new and different. It requires blunt honesty and consistency if you’re going to do it.

You’ll have to lend a voice to the mental pushback you’re experiencing whenever your brain wants to make a positive change, but your emotions and habits are fighting it. Get to the root of the situation and discover why there’s a struggle to begin with.

Sometimes it can be intense. You might think you’ve hit rock bottom, but if you take time to analyze it in your blog entry, you’ll realize it was all just a vehicle for permanent change. The tears, the fear, the worry and more – it brought you to a place where you could get real and raw about the truth and adopt the kind of mindset and lifestyle that will work better for you.

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