If there’s one thing people struggle with when it comes to self help it’s trying to get their emotions turned into thoughts with clarity and understanding. Feelings often come in a rushing whirlwind, and we react without taking time to process them.

A digital blog can help you do just that – so that you make rational decisions and your reactions aren’t knee-jerk responses to situations that might be more than meets the eye if you just had time to digest it all.

Instead of enduring a turbulent life full of reactionary behavior, when you begin blogging on a routine basis, you’ll find that you’re capable of harnessing that energy into something more positive – something designed to not only benefit you with stress relief and inspiration, but to help others who follow your journey as well.

Starting a personal blog isn’t difficult. You’ll find a domain that you like – something that speaks to your intentions in life – and get a basic hosting plan for it. Install WordPress as a tool for your blog with the click of a mouse and you’re on your way to sharing your emotional journey with the world.

But only if you want to. Anything you want to keep to yourself can be marked private, so that the public can’t see it – but you can. You can do your entire blog this way if you want to.

All you’ll need to do is set up a routine for yourself to begin the emotional processing routine. For example, you might be feeling irritable one day and notice that you’re taking it out on people who don’t deserve it.

A blog gives you the chance to explore this emotion and behavior in depth. Sometimes, writing it all out allows you to connect the dots that you may not have been able to recognize previously when everything was simply floating around in your head.

A blog takes the chaos out of your emotions. It simplifies it and boils it down for you so that you can see where the problems lie and formulate a solution to help you overcome anything you’re struggling with.

Over time, you’ll notice that your struggles are few and far between and you now have a foundation of hope, positivity, and happiness. Your emotions that you blog about should be less anger, sadness and despair and more peace, bliss and stability.

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