Blogging Your Way to Profits

There are over 500 million blogs on the internet, and only a portion of them make money. But, not all of them are there to make money, so don’t be intimidated by these numbers. Instead, be motivated. Blogging your way to profits is a great way to make money online, and if you know what you’re doing, almost a certainty.

Choose a Niche You Love and Know About

Choose a topic for your blog that is something you already like learning about and you already know something about. This makes it easier for you to get started fast. If you can write down 100 ideas for blogs for the niche, you can make money from your topic.

Build Up Your Readership

When you first start blogging, don’t think much about monetizing yet. Although it’s a good idea to research how you’ll monetize when you’re ready, right now it’s all about building up your readership. Promote your content using paid ads, search engine optimization, social media, and other means to get the word out.

Build an Email List

Using an email autoresponder service like, create a sign-up for an email list on your blog. Invite people to sign up for the list so they can get notifications of new content, tips, tricks, or whatever you want to offer them that makes it worth it for them to sign up.

Develop a Content Marketing Plan

Once you have the ideas you want to blog about listed, you’ll want to develop a solid content marketing plan along with an editorial calendar. If you just wait for inspiration to blog every day, it won’t happen. Instead, create a plan so that you know what you’re going to blog about each day in advance.

Start Monetizing Your Blog by Becoming an Affiliate

You can join affiliate programs that make you a seller of products, services, and information that other people have created. When someone buys it due to your recommendation, you will get a small commission for each sale. Choose products that fit your niche and resonate with them.

Create Your Own Products

As you blog and start to understand your niche and your audience more, you’ll naturally

come up with ideas for creating your own products. You can also buy private label rights content and build your own products that way to sell to your audience. And, you can hire someone to create products for you.

Offer Your Own Services

You can offer services that are related in some way to your niche but also somewhat out of it. For example, you can provide writing and editing services, or website building services using your blog as your example. But you can also offer services related only to the people who will consume your information.

Market Yourself Everywhere in Every Way

Once you start blogging, even when you don’t have much content, you need to market your blog. Market it everywhere. Pay for ads. Use good SEO practices. Promote yourself on social media. Go to events, get interviewed, make a commotion, and get noticed.

You’ll want to put up content on your blog every day for at least the first 100 days. This way, the search engines start mapping your site and tracking you. Plus, the more pages you have on your site (and each blog post is a page), the more visitors you’re going to attract just due to SEO.

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