There are some people who engage in a lighthearted form of personal development where they simply state what happens each day and look at how they can improve. The process doesn’t last long and there’s no real effort to make permanent change.

Some people feel better by simply going along with the steps to make them feel better about their journey. In other words, thinking about change and talking about change is enough to help them sleep at night.

Make the change, however, is outside of their comfort zone, so they use their blog as a way to signal to the world that they’re trying. And they enjoy all of the kudos from a supportive public who adores them for it.

If you want to make real change and live a better life, then you’ll reserve your blogging for deep reflection. This isn’t the time you should be playing it up for the public, acting like you’re doing so great or overly remorseful for certain actions and behaviors.

This is the time to dig down deep. You want to see what’s at the root of your actions and emotions. Where do your behaviors stem from? Who or what influenced you to do the things you do?

It isn’t something you can achieve in a five minute quickie blog post each day where you rumble off your to do list and a sentence or two about how you feel about it. Instead, it requires you to convey what’s in your heart and soul.

To be a deep thinking, you want answers to why things are happening the way they’re happening. But you don’t want to stop there. Knowing why things happen is only half the battle.

You do want to be aware, but you also want a solution – an action plan to prevent it from happening again or to elevate you to another situation in life that serves you better and make life more enjoyable for you.

You never want to be playing for an audience, trying to make yourself look good so you can generate positive feedback. That doesn’t help anyone. In fact, you’ll be serving your audience better if you’re able to be painfully honest about everything you’re going through.

Once you look at your situation and come to a conclusion about what has to change, you’ll want to make a decision about how to carry it out effectively and precisely and then use your blog to track your progress and display your results.

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