Serial winners have one thing in common – they repeat what they did before to reach success – and do it better each time. It’s not enough to rest on your laurels when you achieve a big success.

To keep winning, past successes must be parlayed into reaching the next goal. It’s called ambition. Ambition is different from simply dreaming (although dreams of success are also important). Ambition means you’re taking action.

Skills and hard work, plus persistence and carefully thought-out strategies are part of the ambition needed to reach goal after goal. It’s not enough to rest on one – or even multiple – successes. Future successes are built on each other.

Keeping yourself in a success-mode mindset is important to become a serial winner. Positive affirmations that you tell yourself not only boost your self-confidence – they help you solve problems when you’re under stress.

If you think of yourself as a talented and intelligent person, you can concentrate on affirmations that point to those traits. Think of yourself as driven for success and you’ll likely succeed.

After a big success or series of successes it might be easy for you to begin putting off things until the last minute – procrastination is a form of lethargy that you don’t want to make a habit.

Instead, plan carefully for the parameters you want to meet when accomplishing the task. Some of it will likely be repeated from past successes, tasks where you have to learn something new might make you hesitate.

Set goals that can be measured in time and effort. Rather than saying you’ll start on a task today, think and say that you’ll finish it today – or determine exactly how much you can accomplish.

Don’t set goals that are next to impossible to obtain. Specific goals you set for the next level of success must be planned with exact instructions about how you’re going to achieve the goal.

Not having a concrete plan for your next level of success keeps you from visualizing the steps you’ll have to take to get there. For example, if you think to yourself that you’re going to exercise and diet until you’re fit and healthy, you may never get there.

But, planning specific ways you’re going to diet and exercise will help you plot the time and effort you’re going to need to get to the place you want to be. Enjoy every success you accomplish, but don’t waste too much time on that.

After each success you should immediately plan your next success, no matter what it might be. It’s a strategy that will keep you from becoming complacent and will keep your mind and body revved up about successes you’ve had – and those that you are going to achieve.

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