You may have encountered situations where you’re being creative and coming up with new ideas, but you spend a lot of time trying to make them more focused than they are. You might think that creativity and focus have to happen at the same time, but that’s just not true.

In fact, not only can you reign in your ideas later, but it might be beneficial to you to only be creative and not place so much emphasis on cleaning them up right away. When you’re brainstorming new ideas, they’re bound to come out a bit messy.

That’s not a negative at that time – it’s just natural. Creativity isn’t meant to be focused and structured at first, but rather raw thoughts that need to be refined at a later time. If you’re trying to do both at the same time, you might stifle your own creativity by not allowing it to breathe, constricting it with too many boundaries.

To get the most out of your creativity, you should just let it all flow out no matter how nonsensical it might seem at the time. Whatever comes to mind, just put it all out on paper so that later on you can sort through it and find what will work best and what maybe needs to be restructured.

Your brain will often either be in a creative state, or a focused state. Each one of these has their own benefits, but trying to do both at the same time can end up hurting both. Your focus won’t allow your creativity to have enough wiggle room, while your creativity will cloud your focus.

Have dedicated time for each to fully develop your ideas. Let’s say you’re brainstorming ideas for a slogan for your company. The first thing you should do is let your creativity flow and come up with whatever you can think of, and write it all out.

This lets you cover as many possible ideas as you can, so that you don’t leave a potentially good slogan out. Later on, you can then look back through all of the slogans you thought of, and sort through them.

You might see some that are good, but need to be changed a bit, some that are good as they are, and some that might just need to be ditched. There’s no shame in tossing an idea out later, but you want to make sure you put it out there in case it seems like a good idea when the time comes to focus.

Author: Eric

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