Sometimes you can get burnt out on your work pretty quickly during the day. If you’re working for 8 straight hours, then by about hour 5 or 6, you’re going to be feeling pretty worn down and ready to recharge.

Many people seem to stress getting all of your work done for the day in one block, but you really don’t have to do that. In fact, it can be quite helpful for your focus and creativity to split up your work schedule as you’d like it.

Let’s say you’re working for 8 hours each day. During that time, you likely want to get as much done as possible, so you want to be working efficiently and competently. It’s most definitely not impossible for you to work 8 hours straight.

Many people do that. However, not many people come out of 8 hours of straight work feeling happy or energetic – nor do they give it their all during the last couple of hours. What you should do is split that 8 hours of work into two halves, each only lasting 4 hours long.

By the end of each 4 hour shift, you might be a little bit tired, but definitely not as bad. You can take some time in between to nap, relax, and do whatever you want to do – such as tapping into the creative side of your brain before you get back to work.

At the end of the day, you’ll have more energy, but you will have worked the same amount total. You just gave yourself some time to rest in between, but overall it’s the same exact amount of work.

In fact, you might actually get more accomplished because you’ll be reinvigorated in the second half of work after some time spent recharging. You can even split it into smaller chunks if you’d like.

You can do 4 sessions of two hours each, which isn’t much at all. If you’re taking good sized breaks in between, you’re going to have a much needed rest at the start of each session, and be able to work as efficiently as possible during the time that you do work.

Some people might scoff at splitting up your work schedule, because it’s not the traditional way of working. Keep those thoughts out of your mind, because it doesn’t matter if the work is done all at once or not, as long as it all gets done throughout the day.

Author: Eric

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