Paying close attention to your competency level doesn’t mean you lack self-confidence – it simply means you’re assessing what knowledge you may need to be successful in your endeavors.

All of us are better in some areas than others. Some are better writers than mathematicians or better at working outdoors with their hands than in an office. If you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, you can take steps to fill in the gaps.

If you know you’re not competent in certain areas of importance to your business or the goals you’ve set, be ready to either gain the necessary knowledge to do the job or outsource the jobs to those who are competent.

Trying to do the job yourself when you know you lack in certain knowledge of the subject will produce a product or outcome that is mediocre – and that should never happen if you want to be truly successful.

Wanting to learn something new that would benefit your business or plans is admirable. If you have the time and energy, it’s a great thing to undertake. But if you have no time or desire to learn, it could be a waste of time.

You’re much better off to contract with a person who is extremely competent and achieve the best results possible. After all, the goal should be creating the best plan or product you can manage.

Today, there are a bevy of skills that some people are well-versed in and enjoy what they do. Some may have the skills that you’re lacking in and would blend in nicely with what you’re trying to accomplish, while saving you time and energy.

Gathering information from others may also help to increase your knowledge about what to tackle next in order to move your plans forward. A new and fresh perspective can do wonders for helping you plan ahead.

Turning certain jobs over to others who have more experience and knowledge than you can also hasten getting the job done. If you hate the thought of trying to do something you’re not really excited about, you run the risk of procrastination seeping in to your plans and holding you back.

You probably wouldn’t let an English professor perform heart surgery on you or a loved one. Each is highly competent in his/her own professions, but their areas of expertise are vastly different.

Don’t be embarrassed or discouraged to ask for help or hire others who can do the job better than you. It’s not a disgrace – it’s a smart move that can make your plans much easier to execute – and the outcome will look and perform much better.

Author: Eric

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