Something that a lot of people struggle with when working towards being successful is a lack of motivation. People will wake up each day and begrudgingly do the same exact routine over and over again, hoping that if they do it long enough, they’ll finally be rich and happy.

In reality, if you don’t like what you’re doing, you probably won’t get very far at all. A vast majority of people are at a place in their life in which they’re working towards something that they’re expected to do, and that’s the only reason they’re doing it.

They don’t have a genuine interest in the job they’re showing up for every day, but their parents or teachers or other influencers told them to go for that job when they were younger, so they are.

This seems fine at first, but soon people realize that they’re stuck without any motivation to keep moving forward. Without motivation, when you arrive at a substantial obstacle – you’ll usually end up just settling down right where you are, assuming that moving in a different direction is impossible.

Not only will you be unsuccessful at that point, you’ll also be pretty unhappy, since you’re stuck in a job you’re not interested in. This can lead to a lot of personal life problems, as well, such as behavioral changes and bad habits like excessive eating or drinking.

Don’t let other people dictate what you should do with your life. Your life is yours to live, and you should spend it doing something that you love. If you wake up each day excited to do your job, you’ll be able to achieve success way more than you would doing something you were indifferent to or didn’t like.

You’ll have the motivation to overcome obstacles in your path and do a much better job overall. Take a good, long while to think about what it is you’re truly interested in. The type of things that you like to read about or watch documentaries on, the things you wish you could be are all a good starting point.

Never assume that anything is too far out of your reach, because it most likely isn’t. For some people, being a lawyer is in fact a dream job of theirs. They’re very passionate about their work and enjoy doing it.

However, someone working towards becoming one that’s only doing it because their parents wanted them to will have a hard time being motivated enough to do a good job. It’s the same deal with any other job or aspect of your personal life – it has to be something you’re passionate about if you want to have a full tank of motivation to thrive with it.

Author: Eric

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