As you spend some analyzing the various business models available to you as a new senior online marketer, you’ll notice that private label rights (PLR) packages are often on the top leaderboards for sales volume.

You have the ability to earn a share of those profits if you’re willing to adopt an affiliate marketing career. As an affiliate, you may have only thought about promoting tangible items on Amazon or digital courses on sites like ClickBank.

But don’t forget there’s a huge audience of marketers who lack the time, talent or desire to create their own niche content. It’s difficult to see success without this content, so you, as the affiliate, will be guiding these buyers to the best private label rights content money can buy.

One of the best parts about promoting PLR is that content is an ongoing need, regardless of which niche you’re in. Marketers need content for their blog posts, email autoresponders, lead magnets, info products, social networking and more.

Is There a Hungry Market for PLR?

You know just by seeing the top 10 or top 25 lists for the day on sites like Warrior Plus that PLR packages sell. Whether it’s a bundle of text, video, or even image content – marketers are scooping it up consistently, and they have been for years.

Marketers who are working on their business have many content needs, and that costs time or money. Some don’t have a lot of either, so when private label rights are available, people buy them.

Most PLR packages have a short-term (4 days to one week) launch period where the content is priced at a fraction of what it will be after that. Usually, it’s around 50% off the long-term price.

Normal pricing not during a launch period can be approximately $1 per page, so during a launch, the marketer can download a big bundle of content for just $0.50 per page. The pricing incentives make it a no-brainer for most marketers who are in desperate need of articles and more for their online business.

Another reason it sells well is because solo entrepreneurs have a lot of tasks on their shoulders. Content needs are so huge, that if they can pass this off to someone else at a reasonable price, it frees up a lot of their time they can spend growing their business in other ways.

This is also a benefit for marketers who don’t know how to write or create content. They may have wonderful niche business ideas, but when it comes to whipping up an article, they can’t write well –  so their content never satisfies the site visitor.

Some people do have the ability to write, but they just hate the process of brainstorming, researching and writing content. It can be a boring task for those who struggle with it or who would just rather be doing something else.

With PLR, it also gives marketers a fresh influx of new ideas. When you have someone else brainstorming and researching, it means you get article slants and angles that your own mind may not have conjured up.

Niche Topics and Types of PLR You Can Promote

Every single day there are PLR launches being released. You’ll never be short of things to promote. These packages will have a variety of the types of content included in them, and some PLR vendors specialize in certain types.

You’ll find that articles or product reviews, along with info products like eBooks are very popular. These are often the crux of a marketer’s money making tools. The articles used as blog posts pull in visitors.

The product reviews help them earn money as an affiliate marketer. And if they want to tap into vendor profits, then the longer eBooks (which usually come with sales copy as well as thank you or download pages), help them earn money with direct sales to customers.

Shorter reports are also needed. Some use these for lead magnets. They turn them into PDF files and give them as gifts to people who subscribe to their newsletter. They can also be used as shareable PDF reports in a viral way, driving people back to your site.

Once they get people on their list, they’ll need to queue up some email autoresponders to cater to their needs and develop a loyal and long-term following. Emails are always a welcome component for PLR packs – usually in a series of anywhere from seven days to a month.

Besides the text-based content for traffic, list building and sales, there’s also a multimedia demand for private label rights content. Luckily, many sellers have PLR in the form of editable images, slide presentations, audio files and even video.

With the multimedia components, there are fewer sellers who have this kind of content, so the rarity of them means some marketers will view them with an even bigger demand.

What about the topics that these various files cover? You can find private label rights to promote that cover a wide swath of niches. It’s not just for the topic of online marketing, although these are some of the most popular ones.

You can find PLR covering many niches such as anti-aging, survival, weight loss, stress relief, sleep, smoking cessation, travel, and more. Some topics are more popular than others.

For example, some evergreen niches that you’ll see numerous launches being done for include success mindset, making money online or work from home topics, general health and well-being, weight loss or fitness, and survival.

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