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Your Fulfilling Future Awaits! 

Don’t settle for “someday.” Build the life you want now.

Dream big with Plexus and start chasing your dreams today!

Here’s how to kickstart your journey:

  • Earn extra income by sharing Plexus products and turning your passion into profit. 
  • This is an unmatched opportunity, so don’t let it slip away. 
  • Become a Brand Ambassador today and enjoy exclusive benefits like earning commissions on sales, up to 25% off retail prices, and access to special savings and rewards.

Take the opportunity to flourish and lead a life full of satisfaction and accomplishment!

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Visit us at: plexusworldwide.ca/ericcooper

Becoming a Plexus Brand Ambassador offers the following benefits:

  1. Earning commissions on product sales, including up to 25% discount on retail prices for personal purchases.[1][2]
  2. Access to the Perk Rewards program which provides additional savings and rewards.[2]
  3. One-time savings on a welcome pack when joining as a new Brand Ambassador.[5]
  4. Opportunity to earn through the Retail Rewards program without needing to build a team.[3]
  5. Potential to earn various bonuses and commissions by building a sales team, as outlined in the Plexus Compensation Plan.[3][4]

It’s important to note that while the opportunity exists to earn income, personal earnings can vary significantly based on individual effort, commitment, and sales abilities. According to Plexus’ 2020 Income Disclosure Statement, the average annual earnings of all Brand Ambassadors was $597 USD.[3]

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