The invention of bubble wrap happened when someone was experimenting with new techniques in making wallpaper. Silly putty was created while looking for plastic for another use entirely. In every success story, there comes a point where the hero of the story needs to make an abrupt shift in direction. Sometimes it’s the goal itself which shifts. Other times, the change is more subtle, and something only known to those who were on the inside when it happened.

With this in mind, how well are you able to pivot?

If you’re on the road to success, how does being adaptable help you to get to where you want to go in the exciting world of today?

Let’s look at some quick ways being adaptable enables you to experience New Success.

You Become More Experimental
When you’re setting out to achieve a goal, the last thing you need to get stuck in the mindset of doing something a certain way. When you’re adaptable, you’re more willing to try new things and see where they take you.

You Stop Worrying About Failure
What holds us back from high achievement more often than anything is the feeling you’re not going to make it. When you’re adaptable, you realize even failure serves a purpose in teaching you what doesn’t work, so you can figure out what does. With this shift in mindset, you stop worrying about failure altogether.

You Become More Creative
If you’re able to shift your mindset, this means you’re going to start seeing new connections and possibilities you might not have otherwise. Success loves resourcefulness!

You See Things More Clearly
When you’re willing to embrace new ideas and to shift priorities and outcomes, you start seeing how things work in a bigger context. Seeing the big picture leads to a vision you might have missed otherwise.

You Treat Yourself Better
When you’re stuck in thinking you have to do things a certain way, you might be tempted to run yourself down when you fail. Being adaptable enables you to be kinder to yourself and engage in more positive self-talk, especially when things aren’t working out.

You Become Curious
When you’re adaptable, you’re more inclined to ask “What if” as you see new doors opening. This can lead you down some exciting paths you might otherwise miss.

You’re Living in the Now
To be adaptable, you must commit to living in the now. You’re not going to miss opportunities when you’re in this mindset, and you’re going to spot success that much faster.

Author: Eric

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