Have you ever given much thought as to how you’re perceived? Or what effect this has on your ability to succeed?

Too often, we don’t think about these things. We worry about the other aspects of success, such as developing leadership skills, forging creativity, or enhancing our abilities through learning new things.

But authenticity has to do with how people perceive you. In the world of the new success, your reputation, your intent, and even your personality are all likely to be intensely scrutinized.

Don’t believe it? Then consider these seven reasons authenticity and new success go hand in hand.

When you’re authentic, you’re not afraid to try new things, because everything you do leads back to your goal. You don’t lose sight of who you are and what you’re working toward, so you have a lot more freedom in how to get there, which allows you the creativity you need to get ahead.

Authenticity means you have a solid vision of who you are and what you stand for. There’s never any doubt in anyone’s minds about what you’re doing and why. You’ll also find your vision of your goals is clarified. You know what you’re going after and why, without pretense or a lot of ‘shoulds.’ You stay on track and are more likely to succeed in what you’re doing.

You’ll also find it’s a lot easier to make decisions simply because everything you do follows your moral code and honors your goals. With this kind of authenticity, you’ll always know the right path to take. You’ll be amazed at how this saves time and keeps you on track for your goals.

You know exactly who you are, and you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You can take advantage of your abilities and get help when you need it-no need to waste time figuring out where you’re going wrong.

Authentic people seem to be naturally happier in their lives. They’re not trying to live up to false expectations and are just naturally more content with who they are. There is a growing body of research that demonstrates that people who are happy tend to experience success more often than people who aren’t.

Being authentic can feel pretty scary sometimes. It can be confronting to stick out from the crowd and forge your own path. But when you’re authentic, you’re developing courage where it counts. Courage matters when you’re working hard to succeed at what you do.

Author: Eric

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