As parents, there are so many things you need to teach our children. You want them to be healthy and strong. You want to show them how to tie their shoelaces and ride a bike. You want them to know right from wrong. You want them to be a success.

Most of these other things are easy to teach. But it’s more difficult to teach your child how to be ready for success so that they might experience it throughout their lives.

You can start by looking at these simple ideas here.

Try, Try Again
One of the first lessons you teach your children is when they are learning to walk. How many times did your child fall when they first stood up and made those wobbly steps? Each time you smiled and encouraged them to try again, didn’t you? The same holds as they grow. Anytime they fail, encourage them to give it another go. Let them know this is just part of the process.

Follow Through
Model the importance of seeing something through to the end. Children need to learn to finish what they start, whether it’s keeping an appointment or playdate or seeing through a craft project to the end without abandoning it.

Teach Failure
When your child fails, it’s up to you to teach them how to deal with their failure. Let them know emotions such as anger or sadness and frustration are normal and ok, but it’s not ok not to dwell on them. Help them to find what they can learn from the experience.
Do it Now
Don’t let your kids put off tasks. Teach them that things done immediately are things they don’t have to worry about later.

Encourage Empathy
Every child should be taught from early on that other people have feelings and needs, and these need to be respected. Take your child with you when you volunteer or visit grandparents or neighbors. Teach them compassion for the world at every opportunity.

Give Them Mindfulness
A clear mind is a productive one. Teach your child to meditate, and they will have a habit that will last a lifetime and serve them well.

Success doesn’t have to seem impossible or even difficult. It’s built on small actions done over time. Each of these items, reinforced and taught, again and again, will build the traits of success in your child, and send them out into the world ready for action.

Author: Eric

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