Success doesn’t look like it used to. Success used to mean a solid work ethic, a hard line of grit, domination, and a competitive edge was what it took to get ahead. You picture the successes of old, and you imagine grim titans of business who measured success by how much was in the bank at the end of the day.

Things are different today. Sure, money is still important, and you still use it to keep score sometimes, but other things have come into play. The person who succeeds looks different. Let’s look at a few of the traits of new success.

In the old definition of success, being fearless meant not being afraid to take chances. Even this has shifted. Today your success doesn’t fear other people’s judgments. You have confidence in yourself and what you’re doing, which surpasses public opinion.

Successful people of today keep others in the loop. They’re not afraid to communicate with an openness that contains a hint of vulnerability. This kind of communicator has left their ego at the door and is willing to take responsibility when things go wrong. There’s no need to put a spin on things to make them sound better because you’re not afraid to tell it how it is.

Today’s success means you’re able to make decisions for yourself, having the confidence in your abilities, so you know you’re doing the right thing. Now more than ever, this is a necessary trait to have. Self-knowledge is at the heart of being able to reach the goals you set for yourself.

New success knows how to keep the goal at the forefront. You focus on the big picture without getting bogged down in competition or worry about whether you’re going to fail. After all, failure is just part of the process, and more often than not, teaches valuable lessons you’ll need to find your way to success.

When you’re successful today, it means you haven’t dropped the ball. You see a chance to do something, and you run after it with all you’ve got. Successful people know these kinds of opportunities don’t come around often and don’t waste them when they see them.

The successful person of today can balance the pursuit of goals and ambition with remembering what’s important. They make time for family and don’t have regrets because they have their work-life balance in order. Of all of the traits of New Success, this is perhaps the best one of all.

Author: Eric

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