Life is full of fresh starts, from your first day of kindergarten to new relationships, moving cities, and new jobs. A fresh start is an opportunity to switch things up and do things differently. It’s up to you how you want to live your life, and you can totally choose to do things your own way.

Whatever fresh start is looming in your life, grab with both hands, and make the most of it. Here are some expert tips for starting again.

1. Be Curious
You’ll get more out of life if you try new things; say yes to new opportunities. Explore a little and indulge your curiosity. So many folks live their lives in the very middle of their comfort zone. They do pretty much the same things every day, eat the same food, vacation in the same place. Open yourself up to what life has to offer and stretch your wings.

2. Be Selfish
This tip might sound a bit odd. After all, your mom probably brought you up to be selfless, not selfish, right? But there is a middle ground. It’s more than okay to take care of yourself and put yourself as number one sometimes. People who prioritize self-care are more grounded, more joyful, and more successful than the people who spend their lives running ragged for other people.

3. Embrace Imperfection
Perfectionists set themselves up for inevitable disappointment. It’s simply not possible to get everything right all the time. Humans aren’t built like that. So, let go of perfectionism, cut yourself some slack, and makes friends with ‘good enough.’

4. Embrace Your Differences
People can waste an awful lot of energy trying to fit in. But the risk of fitting in is that you disappear into the crowd. There’s a balance between fitting in and being abrasive, or even just plain weird. Although of course, it’s okay to be weird too, if that’s your jam.

Identifying what makes you different. Understanding what makes you special and unique will help you feel more centered and more satisfied, as you stay true to yourself. It might even catch the eye of someone who could change your life.

5. Be Flexible
Change is inevitable, and it’s also desirable. No change means no growth, no learning, no development. Circumstances change all the time. You’ll be ready to make the most of new opportunities if you’re flexible and not locked into fixed attitudes or ways of doing things.

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