Thanks to computers and the Internet, it’s easier than ever to build a name for yourself and create your own success story. You don’t have to be famous to become a success and enjoy all the material things that success brings to your life.

You simply need to know how to outline and then generate your own success story. Your success story begins by finding your passion. The prologue of your book of success will be finding what you love to do and what you want to contribute to the world.

Be sure your passion is something you’ll love for a lifetime because after you reach success, it will be difficult to give it up. Then, educate yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to go to school or necessarily get a degree, but it does mean you have to research and learn about everything your chosen success story entails.

Know your limits. If your success story will take a commitment of 7 days per week and working long hours, you may not be willing to make the sacrifice if you have a family or other obligations.

Don’t commit to something you know you’ll never complete. That will ruin your self-esteem and your reputation in the business world. Maybe you only have to lower your expectations of a short timeline to reach the success you desire.

Stay healthy. It may seem strange that staying healthy needs to be a significant chapter to your success story, but it is. Don’t neglect yourself to the detriment of your health. Sticking to a good diet and exercise program while you’re busy generating your success story can make the journey much smoother and much more enjoyable.

Trust in yourself. A good success story is full of ups and downs – just like a good novel. Situations that grab your interest and spur you on to write the next page can be challenges that you have to overcome, but when you beat them, you’ll forge ahead with even more determination.

The reality of becoming a success means sacrifice after sacrifice. Just the act of preparing for success will take many hours of thought and putting those thoughts into actions.

Never sacrifice quality or your life values when seeking success. Your self-worth will plunge and you won’t ever realize true success because you’ll be disappointed in yourself.

Be sure you stick to your values and know your self-worth along the way to generating your own success story. To do otherwise would be to betray yourself and put the happy ending of your success story in jeopardy.

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