One day, you’re full of energy – ready to take on whatever the world throws your way. The next, you feel drained, and you’re ready to give up. These ebbs and flows in motivation are normal. The good news is they are surmountable, so don’t throw in the towel just yet. Here are 5 success strategies to help you remain self-motivated.

1) Figure Out Your Own Schedule
You are not expected to perform at your maximum potential every hour of the day. Humans aren’t wired that way. Try to keep track of when you have the most energy in the day and when you’re the most inspired to work hard. You’re probably most motivated when you are communicating clearly and often, feeling extra creative, and working with purpose. Once you nail down this timeframe, use it to your advantage by taking on more work during these hours of the day.

2) Set Goals for Yourself
If you don’t know which way you’re going, it will be hard to know if you ever get there. Sounds confusing, but it’s pretty simple. When you take time to set goals for yourself, you are making a promise to yourself and taking on a certain level of accountability. When you see yourself making progress towards a goal, it keeps you motivated to stay the course.

3) Keep Your Brain Working
Sometimes you get sucked into an assignment that feels mundane or menial, and all you want to do is quit. A likely explanation for this response is that your brain is getting bored because it doesn’t feel like it’s being stimulated. Avoid this by engaging your brain in exciting, challenging activities every once in a while. Whether it’s work-related, like taking a break for a creative brainstorm, or it’s a 15-minute leisurely endeavor, like completing a crossword puzzle, engaging your brain equals self-motivation.

4) Consider Your Support Circle
Self-motivation is all about you, but that doesn’t mean others never affect it. Your support circle will either empower you to stay on top of things or distract you. Pay attention to the people you spend time with and make sure they’re encouraging you to hustle.

5) Think About the Big Picture
Spending hours on a boring assignment may begin to demotivate you, so put this to a stop as soon as you feel it happening. Zoom out for a second and think about the big picture. Think, “Why am I really doing this?” and remind yourself why you started in the first place.

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