We live in an era where employee experience is valued more than ever. It’s no surprise that employers are constantly innovating their approach to company culture and learning and professional development opportunities. One of the biggest investments a company can make is in its people. If your employees are unsatisfied or unmotivated, it affects every aspect of the company.

It’s safe to say that every company should instill productive habits and strategies in its employees to make sure that the company is comprised of self-motivated, hard workers. The tactics are simple, so try not to overthink it. Here are 3 crazy simple tactics that will keep your employees self-motivated.


How about a “thank you” or a team-wide email acknowledging the hard work someone did? According to a Work Human study, 79% of participants said that they work harder when they know there will be recognition and/or rewards.  Motivation comes from within, but people find it discouraging if their efforts are never noticed – it makes them want to allocate their hard work elsewhere. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Create a Set of Values and Live by Them

A company is a team, so if you want all your employees playing on the same side, you need to make sure everyone is living the values, mission, and goals of your business. This will tap into individuals’ intrinsic motivation because they will no longer be motivated by compensation or a fancy title. Instead, they’ll be motivated by working for the greater good alongside their teammates.


Being micromanaging is never fun. It makes people feel like they’re incapable or that their efforts will be corrected or unappreciated. This mentality leads people to the dreaded question, “Why should I work hard, anyway?” Your employees were picked for a reason – they impressed you, and you believe in them. Continue to assure them of this by giving them autonomy and high levels of responsibility. It will make them more motivated, and it will help you move your business forward.

There are tons of ways to keep your employees excited about going to work. It will vary from employee to employee, so it does involve a conscious group effort – but it’s well worth it! Showing your employees that they’re important will rid your company of negativity and project it in the right direction.

Motivation comes from within, so don’t expect results on an individual basis within days or weeks. Your goal is to foster and encourage the self-motivation that your employees already have. After all, there’s no “I” in “Team,” but there is an “I” in “Motivation.”  

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