Success is so much more than taking the right college course, having the right connections, or even being able to make a plan and follow it rigorously. The New Success of today calls for other skills, traits previously overlooked. Things like empathy and the ability to pivot are becoming more and more critical.

What if I told you one of these traits alone would make you 25% more employable and will earn you up to 10% more than other people in the same job? You’d want in, wouldn’t you?

The good news is, this trait is a simple one to learn, and if you’re reading these words on a screen, you’re probably at least halfway there. What is it?

Welcome to the world of the tech-savvy. Of course, being tech-savvy requires more than knowing how to update your iPhone or use the universal remote to record a show using the DVR to watch later.

Tech-savvy people have an understanding of the programs and software they need in their job and everyday life. They don’t get hung up on trying to figure out how to connect over Zoom and can share their screen with the best of them, without leaving anything embarrassing up in the background for everyone to see.

If you doubt being tech-savvy is so important, consider these two things:

People Who Are Tech Savvy Call More of the Shots
Think about this: you want to work from home, with more flexible hours. How do you convince your boss you’re capable of handling remote meetings and accessing the files you need if you’re the one who was responsible for the biggest tech disaster on your team only last week? You do have to show you know what you’re doing without having to live on the phone with IT to get things done. On the other hand, if your boss is confident you’ll be productive from home without wasting time figuring things out, you’ve got it made.

You Get Stuff Done
Seriously, when you’re tech-savvy, things happen. A lot of things happen. You find out just how easy it is to move through a meeting, adding things to the calendar, building tasks on the productivity software for your team, and getting things synced, so everyone knows what’s where. You cut down so much time which would otherwise be wasted. Being tech-savvy will build a flow over time, which leads to far greater productivity than you could have imagined.

So how do you get there? Take a class, look at tutorials, ask for help now. Then take the time to MASTER these skills. Success grows, the more you have this down, guaranteed.

Author: Eric

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