Getting started online by choosing a niche and business model is a wonderful beginning to your Internet marketing career. But there’s one very specific task you need to master in order to see unlimited success – list building.

Many marketers go deep into the learning process for making money with certain things, like affiliate marketing or blogging – but they neglect the important part of the equation that allows for repeat, long-term commissions and sales.

When you have a list of loyal, dedicated subscribers, you can repeatedly connect with them to guide them in their efforts to excel in whatever niche you’re in. That includes promoting products that you or others create, as well as tangible items, if applicable.

Without a list, you’re at the mercy of search engines to provide you with enough traffic to sustain your income needs over time. That doesn’t always happen, so building a list up over time offers more stability.

There are fourteen quick and easy ways you can begin building a list. These aren’t all of the possibilities that exist, but it’s a good foundation for those who want to spend a portion of their day being proactive with the list-building process.

#1 – Know Your Customer

#2 – Create a No Brainer Lead Magnet

#3 – Tweak Your Squeeze Page for Conversions

#4 – Have Subscriber Only Blog Content

#5 – Maximize Exposure to Your Opt In Form

#6 – Promote Your Lead Magnet on Social Media

#7 – Create Multiple Lead Magnets

#8 – Know When You’re Asking for Too Much

#9 – Put Their Mind at Ease with a Spam and No Selling List Disclaimer

#10 – Sell an Info Product and Collect Contact Info

#11 – Give Value in Forums and Build a List with a Sig File

#12 – Create a Contest for Subscribers Only

#13 – Join a Giveaway Event 

#14 – Share Your Knowledge & Expertise on Niche Specific Blogs

Building a list isn’t as hard as it may seem. It’s not an overnight ordeal where you go from 0-10,000 subscribers in an instant. You might have 2-10 the first week, and then it begins to snowball.

The key is to focus on value and be consistent with carrying out the tasks that expose your squeeze page to the kind of people who will make up the loyal audience most marketers would love to have.


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