10 Profitable Niches for Marketers

Gearing up to succeed as an online entrepreneur is a fantastic decision for your future. But once you make a commitment to it, you have to take time to select a niche that will give you the best return on your investment of time, energy and money.

There are thousands of niches, ranging from broad, evergreen topics to narrow or trending ones. For the sake of longevity, it’s always good to select something that will be around for the foreseeable future.

You obviously want to pick something you won’t mind creating content for, and one that has ample profit potential. Let’s take a look at 10 niche topics you might want to tap into as an affiliate or info product creator.

Weight Loss That Expands into Two Niches

As long as people have weight problems, this will be a booming niche. Not only does it affect a person’s confidence and self-assuredness, but it also has negative effects on their health.

The great thing about the weight loss niche is that the target audience is very broad. You have people of all ages, both genders, all financial levels, and more. People have different reasons for wanting to lose weight – it might be that they’re planning to get married, have been diagnosed as prediabetic, are suffering relationship problems or just want to look and feel better about themselves.

Weight loss is a long-term niche because even if someone loses their initial weight, they’ll want help keeping it off, since most people regain the weight they lost. So you can provide advice to these individuals for a long time.

With the weight loss niche, you will be able to split the focus into two or more topics. First, you have nutrition. Meal prepping, nutrition plans and portion control will all play a role in how well someone loses weight.

You can promote both info products like the weight loss strategies as well as tangible items, such as supplements, meal prep containers and more. The second issue someone in the weight loss niche wants to know about is exercise.

Fitness and toning up as they shed pounds will be important, so you can teach a wide variety of exercise topics, from circuit training to body weights and more. Besides the instructional info products, you can promote tangibles like treadmills, bands, dumbbells and more.

Mindset is also very important when it comes to weight loss. Many people give up, so whenever you can motivate and inspire them with products or recommend journals to keep them on track, it will help them achieve their goals.

Survival That’s Evergreen with Trending Boosts

The survival niche is a great one that many people tend to overlook. It’s filled with lots of profit potential and your customers can be recruited into lifetime followers as they continue to stock up on supplies, rotate them out, and want to learn new strategies.

The survival niche isn’t just about promoting some 30-day food supply kit. It’s a way of life that many are pursuing based on natural disasters, terror threats or other reasons. They need to know how to prep for their entire way of life.

You’ll be able to create or promote tons of info products teaching people things like how to grow (or raise) their own food supply, how to store it like dehydrating or canning, how to store water, protection strategies and more.

Survival isn’t just for people living off the grid up in the mountains. It’s for working men and women who go about their business living life normally, but who want to be prepared for their family in case of a disaster.

Ever since the pandemic and following weather disasters, more people have been seeking information about how to prepare their food, water, heat and other supplies. Before investing, they need reviews and recommendations – but they also need instructions.

Your info products or blog posts can help them devise a plan for each aspect of their preparations. But in addition to the information they need, they’ll also be prepared to continue investing in the tangible items that will help them carry out those instructions.

Whenever you target a certain topic in survival, make a plan for both an info product and a tangible series to promote. For example, let’s say you want to teach people about the importance of water, since it’s the most vital survival supply they can have.

First, they need to know all about water storage – how to protect the supply with bleach and keep it safe from sunlight, too. They also need to know how to collect rainwater, how to swap out their supply, and how to filter water in case of emergency.

They’ll want to purchase products through your affiliate link. A water bob will fill a bathtub with 100 gallons of water in case of a weather disaster. Water bricks will allow them to stack water that will keep longer than plastic gallon containers they buy from the store, and filter straws or tablets will allow them to make any water safe to drink.

With the survival niche, you’ll be covering more than just food, water and heat. You’ll cover security topics, mindset (since these situations can be depressing), first aid and much more.

Golf Is a Lucrative Hobby Niche

There are all kinds of sports, hobbies and psychical activities people get involved with but none are as profitable for an online marketer as the golf niche. Golf is a fantastic niche that attracts people of all ages, both genders and many geographic locations.

This is a niche where, once someone is committed to the game, they’re continually purchasing courses and products to improve upon it. The niche is for people ages 3-103 or otherwise.

It’s a very healthy way for seniors to maintain fitness, and while some pursue it for health or stress relief reasons, others engage in golf for entertainment or even career purposes.

Start by looking at the many courses and books people buy on golf. They purchase books on the fundamentals of the game. They buy strategy books that help them lower their score.

They invest in courses that teach them the mental part of the game, and some even show them a variety of games within their gold round that they can play for fun, such as betting or other competitive scenarios.

There are some courses that teach people two niches in one – golf and fitness. There are certain things golfers do to get fit and strengthen their core for improved balance and their arms for a better ability to swing.

You can even serve people with a course that helps them plan the ultimate golf vacations. There are amazing courses both inside and outside of the United States, and many people plan their entire vacation around a specific, world-renowned golf course.

When it comes to the tangible portion, there’s almost no end to what you can promote. Start with things they’ll want to train with at home. There are trainers for their drives, their fairway shots, and their short game – including pitches and putts.

Then move on to what they may need when they hit the links. For example, they might want a rangefinder to show them the distance between where they’re at and the flag. They’ll want the best golf clubs they can afford, a proper bag, balls and tees.

Even their athletic wear is customized for golfers, whether they’re male or female. From the shoes on their feet to the shorts, skirts, tops and hats they wear – golfers seek something specific. Don’t forget the sunglasses, too!

Coffee Can Be a Healthy Addiction Niche

How can a single beverage be one of the top niches for online marketers? It’s easy. Coffee has become a staple drink that personifies productivity, energy and alertness in society.

Visit Facebook or any social networking site on any given day and you’ll likely come across multiple people discussing how much they need their fix of coffee, delicious ways to prepare it, or how they can’t function without it.

This is a niche that people can actually take classes on – how to be the best barista in the coffee business. The classes can be broad or narrow, and so can your info products!

For example, people obviously want to know how to brew the best cup of coffee. But did you know they also want to know about how to “cup” their coffee? Which means they want to find out special ways to make their end product look amazing.

Think of your info products as going from bean to brew – they want to know everything, every step of the way. And you can inform them about slants like organic coffees, too. You can create or promote courses on lattes or espressos and everything else, too.

There’s no end to the many things people want to know about bringing their coffee to the next level. That means they’ll also want the supplies needed to achieve this level of mastery.

You’ll be able to earn a commission promoting or selling coffee beans, both unground and pre-ground. They come in a variety of roasts from light to medium to dark, and many flavors, from breakfast blends to specific ones like chocolate raspberry.

There will be people who want caffeinated and those who need decaf. Some want a half-caffeinated blend. You can specialize in regions where the coffee originated, such as Asia or South America.

There are gadgets people will need, such as coffee grinders, and a variety of brewers. There are parts and accessories they’ll need, from coffee basket filters to stirrers they can use with their favorite creamers.

This is a niche where some people know that they love and need their coffee, and they just want to know which brewer and bag of beans is the best. You can guide them to those options.

Then you have the people who have chosen to excel at coffee brewing, and who want it to become a whole experience they can relish and enjoy. This is where the in-depth training and experimentation happens.

Make Your Marketing Journey a Niche You Thrive In

When it comes to marketing as a lucrative niche, it’s not as much about tangibles as it is info products and digital tools you can earn from. That’s not to say there are zero tangible opportunities.

Of course, entrepreneurs who are setting up a home office need desks, chairs, laptops, PCs and other items like microphones, backgrounds, etc. So you can certainly earn something from those recommendations.

But for the most part, your income in this niche will come from sharing your journey from newbie to success online marketer. And don’t think you have to be a full six or seven figure marketers before people start buying through your links, either.

In fact, many people will buy because you’re in their shoes – new at what you’re doing, and they’ll trust your recommendations more than someone who may be rubbing elbows with others gurus behind the scenes, cross promoting just because they’re friends with the seller.

With marketing, there’s a high level of skepticism in the industry, and it’s known for containing many scammers among the good people. So if you can be a guiding light in a dark industry, it will pan out well for you.

When it comes to the bulk of your sales, it will be from courses that teach people the ropes of everything they’ll need to know about becoming a successful Internet marketer. That will include which business model to choose.

Will you teach them about affiliate marketing, course creation, dropshipping, FBA, ghostwriting or something else entirely? Maybe all of the above! They’ll want to start with one branch and then maybe add on to their online empire along the way.

They’ll want to know about list building. What do they entice their visitors with to convert them from prospect to subscriber? What do they say to them in follow up emails over a period of time?

When it comes to driving traffic to the lead page and offers, how should they do it – paid or free traffic? They’ll want to know the pros and cons and step-by-step of all of the various traffic strategies you present to them.

Course aren’t the only thing they’ll need. Besides learning things like how to create their own courses, they’ll need recommendations on tools they need to run their business. Everything from page creators to email autoresponders and more will be needed in order to launch products, build a list and profit from it.

You don’t have to have taken or used everything you recommend, but you will need to do a review on its features, pros and cons. Then when you do try and use something, your review can be more in depth and comprehensive.

How to Profit in the Relationship Niche

When it comes to the top three niches anywhere, people always talk about health, wealth and relationships. Companionships and love is very important to both men and women in a variety of age groups.

Some people are seeking new relationships. You can help them learn how to attract a partner, how to hold a conversation, and more. There are many people who are shy or who have had bad luck in finding a partner – so a mindset dating guide is perfect for them.

When you get into this niche, you can present courses to them that teach these kinds of things. But you can also set up something like a CPA (cost per action) site, where you earn based on the idea of getting people to take action, like clicking on a link, signing up for a free trial, and so on.

You can drill down and target one segment of a population, such as Christians, dating for men or women specifically, dating for seniors, dating for single parents, dating after a divorce and more  – just keep an eye out for what’s popular.

This is not as much of a tangible niche as it is a digital one. You can earn commissions getting people to sign up for dating sites or apps, and sell or promote courses to them. In some instances, there are marketers who turn their online business for this niche into a coaching scenario.

There have been people who pay for matchmaking, pay for advice and coaching to motivate them or put them at ease, and people who pay to attend in-person seminars devoted to helping people with their relationships.

It’s not just about finding a new partner in life, though. Some are already in relationships that need to be saved – or they’ve lost their spouse in a divorce or separation and need to get them back.

That opens the door to even more possible commissions. And it’s not just about love interests, either. There are many different types of relationships, like parenting and eldercare, etc. Any time two people need help navigating communications, it has potential to deliver profits.

Diabetes Branches Out into More Than One Niche

Diabetes is a lifetime medical condition that can start in someone’s youth or in adulthood. There are two different types – I and II, and this disease can affect both genders and all age groups.

Some people find out they’re bordering on the disease, so you can bring them into your circle even before they get an official diagnosis. This is called pre-diabetic, and in order to stave off the disease, they’ll need the advice and tips you’ll be sharing with them.

For those who already have it, they’ll need help managing or reversing the situation as best as they can. To help your tribe, you’ll be focusing on four main aspects of a diabetic’s life.

Weight loss is often the most pressing issue. Some symptoms of diabetes resolve once weight is lost. But not all diabetics are overweight. You can be slim and still suffer from this disease.

Since diabetics have medical reactions to some foods, you’ll want to focus on diet plans like keto or low carb strategies. There are countless courses you can recommend, or create one of your own.

Exercise is another focus for this niche. Diabetics have to be careful about exercise, but they also want to incorporate it into their lives to help them lose weight faster and alleviate the symptoms of their illness.

For this part of the niche, you’ll be able to recommend info products as well as tangible fitness gear that can help them with their plans. Cooking is important, too – and you can add on tangible recommendations of cookware they can use to shed pounds and plan diabetic-friendly meals.

Mindset and depression are things that affect people who get a diabetic diagnosis. For some, it upends their entire world. They’re forced to give up comfort foods and have to sometimes inject insulin.

The toll it takes on their mental well-being actually contributes to an increase in diabetic complications. Stress has to be kept to a minimum. So any stress relief or motivational products you can suggest will help them manage their condition better.

Read my about My Diabetic Journey (I have dedicated an entire website to Diabetic Immune System Solutions.) at: https://www.diabetics.space/my-story/

Go for Gardening for Evergreen Varied Profits

Gardeners can be very young or old, and both men and women like to participate in growing their own food and plants. There are a variety of reasons why people engage in gardening.

Some just enjoy the process of it – it’s a stress reliever digging in the dirt, nurturing something to grow and thrive. Others garden for the end result, preferring to get food from their backyard instead of paying for pesticide-packed produce at the grocery store.

There are many styles of gardening from container to tower gardening, hydro gardening and more. Some garden indoors and some garden outside. It might depend on how much space they have to contribute to their hobby.

People buy courses or info products on how to garden in general or about very specific gardening concepts, like growing tomatoes, for example. There are even people who buy info products on how to grow a survival garden outside that’s hidden from plain view.

Whenever you start a gardening niche site, you can go broad or narrow, depending on what you personally are interested in teaching. You can always start broad and branch out.

Your followers will enjoy getting tips on planting, protecting from pests, harvesting and more. If you look in the gardening section of any bookstore you’ll get a ton of ideas on what people are looking for.

Tangibles are big in the gardening niche. You’ll be promoting everything from seed packs to planting containers. Some people will want mats for their needs or gardening carts to place their supplies in.

Hoses, sprinklers and trellises for vining plants can be ordered and shipped right to their doorstep, and you can earn a commission on all of it. Make sure you consider your audience, too.

If you start a site for beginner gardeners, don’t recommend something complex that will frustrate them and cause them to give up. You want your niche audience to be thrilled with their success.

Profit Off What People Spend on Their Pets

Men and women alike are very attached to their pets. Whether it’s a dog, cat, reptile, fish or bird, chances are they’re going to spend quite a bit taking care of their needs and helping them flourish.

From birth to the very end, pet owners take pride in making sure their pet is well fed, healthy, and having fun in life – and you can be the guide they need to teach them how to do that.

Dogs may make up the bulk of pet owners who spend more money online. Initial needs for info products include potty training tips, chewing and other destructive behaviors, and all kinds of training.

Cats require fewer instructions on training because most cats aren’t very trainable aside from the cat box – they have a mind of their own. Still, as with dog owners, people want to understand the healthcare and grooming needs of their pets.

So you can make a series of info products for health and grooming. It’s important not to forget the fun aspect. When it comes to fun, most of the products will be tangible – like little feathered catnip mice for the cats or chewable toys for the dogs.

If you target another pet niche, like rodents, reptiles, birds or fish, you’ll be able to make money off of info products because the care and raising of these pets isn’t as well-known.

They also all require tangible items, from cages and aquariums to décor for it, food and more. You may be able to review things like heat lamps or filters for your pets, depending on which kind you’re discussing.

Cooking Is a Daily Niche That Brings Big Bucks

Food is a requirement to live, so the cooking niche s a thriving one that many men and women excel in as marketers. When you think about cooking, think about the wide variety of slants you can target.

The demographic helps you out initially. You have cooking for two (couples), family size cooking, and more. Even cooking for picky kids is a niche slant based on the age demographic.

But that’s not all you can do with slants. The meals themselves can be slants – such as pastas, pastries, meatless dishes and more. Think of any type of food and you can design a niche around it.

You can also do geographical slants, like Asian or Mexican meals, for example. And of course, the benefits of the food can be a slant as well, such as low calorie cooking, cooking for diabetics or gluten-free needs.

People frequently buy books on cooking tips, but many of them are cookbooks with recipes in them. The tangibles will be abundant in the cooking niche. People not only need cookware and bakeware, but also thigs like convection ovens, mixers, blenders and more.

You might specialize in a cooking style like sous vide. Then you could teach it and promote the products that you do it with – like the machine itself, the accessories and container and more.

Consider One of These 8 Bonus Niches

You’re obviously not restricted to these ten – there are thousands of niches you can tap into. Some more lucrative ones include the following: cleaning, sleep, crafts, décor, fashion, anti-aging, beauty, and photography.

Even on Tik Tok, there’s an entire following for Clean Tok. These are people who showcase their cleaning skills and teach others how to deep clean an area like their kitchen sink, bathtub and more.

You can promote all kinds of cleaning supplies such as a heated carpet steamer or a cleaning supply carrier. Many people order their supplies off of Amazon, so you earn a commission.

Sleep is a health topic that many people need help with. When someone suffers from insomnia, it can affect their mood, their blood pressure, their relationships, diabetes and more.

In addition to courses that teach people how to get more or better sleep, you can promote sleep hygiene products like better bedding, white noise machines, essential relaxation oils, etc.

Arts and crafts – from knitting to painting to sewing – are all in demand hobbies people want to learn and buy products for online. You can serve their needs and start tutorials or just recommend products they can learn from if you wish.

Home décor is another thriving niche. Whether it’s all of the home or a specific part, such as a bedroom or kitchen, you can help them design something that feels right. You can even make recommendations for slants like teen girl’s bedroom décor, and capitalize on trends you see on Instagram and elsewhere.

The fashion niche is always popular. This isn’t the runway type of fashion, but everyday modern fashion that men and women wear. You’ll often see sample outfits put together on Pinterest and you can showcase similar sets and earn commission on what people buy.

Anti-aging doesn’t just start when you’re already older. It starts with the young generations, who want to prevent wrinkles and age spots. This is a head to toe, inside-out niche that touches on mental and physical health and longevity.

It pairs well with the beauty niche, because people always want to look and feel their best. Both niches thrive with information and tangible products that provide solutions for them to present their best look.

Photography is another lucrative niche to consider. From beginner photographers to experiences ones, people need tips on things like lighting, but also recommendations on what to buy for the right shots.

Regardless of what niche you choose, make sure you pick something you enjoy. Even if you don’t yet know much about it, you can learn and share as you go. The best thing to remember is to be genuine and ethical in your recommendations and you’ll maintain a solid relationship with your audience for a long time to come.

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