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There are more people over the age of 55 starting a business today - more than young entrepreneurs - around the world


Decades of Experience - The Baby Boomers bring decades of experience to their new business endeavour


Learn how to apply marketing & sales skills to everything you do - you spent years building up a network of professional contacts


We use our experience to create yours

On August 6, 1991, the World Wide Web went live to the world. There was no fanfare in the global press, and most people around the world didn’t even know what the Internet was or that its presence had arrived.  

Eric, on the other hand, was there and excited about its arrival. His experience with technology has been diverse, and has been a leader in this industry and a fortunate to land an Executive position that was instrumental in the development of the “online presence” during the “.com” era. 

Since the birth of the World Wide Web, how people spend their time during their “Golden Years” has changed drastically. Now that more and more Baby Boomers reach their retirement age, there is a new class of entrepreneur on the scene: the  “seniorpreneur.”

Seniorpreneurs are defined as "self-employed individuals who are aged 55 and older". The number of entrepreneurs over 55 has nearly tripled over the last two decades! And the growth of self-employed people over 55 has significantly outpaced the growth of self-employed individuals in other age groups.

Just think, becoming a seniorpreneur is an opportunity to springboard your passion into a viable business. If you are over 55 and you want to own your own business, there are a number of distinct advantages to beginning online.

It goes without saying that the seniorpreneur brings decades of experience to the table and have already spent years building up a network of contacts. This alone provides a huge advantage over the  younger entrepreneurs starting businesses today.


Discover Online Business Strategies For Seniorpreneurs

There comes a time in your life when you either make a choice to retire or get pushed out of the workforce against your will. 

  • Many over the age of 55 find themselves at a loss to seek gainful employment as they get older. It can be a bit daunting for a senior or a retiree to start an online business if this is new to them.
  • There’s great news for men and women over 55 who want to increase their income and do something they love on a schedule carved out to fit their needs.
  • I’m a seniorpreneur. I’ve been running businesses for longer than millennials have been alive.

Let our experience help you with your new online business!

Don't know where to start?

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7 successful online business secrets

 for anyone over 55! 

full training is Mega Helpful!

The subjects and content that covers have given me very helpful advice while I work on creating my own business. It was difficult to even know where to start when I thought of turning my hobby into a hobby/business. Eric is patient and is generous with his time . He is genuinely interested in helping people achieve higher goals. His extensive experience allows him to offer good advice and helps him to know where the pitfalls are and what works in building a lucrative and successful business. I'm grateful to have him in my corner.

K. Collins

Eric Will Cheer You On As You Achieve Success

If you are looking for someone to make the complicated tech world seem a little less intimidating then Eric Cooper is your guy. An honourable and trustworthy gentleman who will not only help you but will cheer you on as you achieve success. Eric breaks down his teaching so that you will be encouraged and excited to start down your path to new goals.

Laurie P


Both myself and my business partner want to thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of business with us and for your assistance in developing the website for our latest business venture. You showed us things we didn't even know were possible. The whole experience has been not only excellent, but "fun" from start to finish. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Roslyn T

His knowledge and understanding is one-of-a-kind!

I would never have been able to create my website were it not for the help I received from Eric. I went from being a complete newbie in the field to being able to understand and update/maintain my website on my own. His knowledge and understanding is one-of-a-kind!

Deborah C

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6 Lessons - Easy

Whether you have started an online business before or you are just starting out, you've come to the right place! There are essential foundations that will help you to build the successful online business that you want. The online business world can be overwhelming for the best of us because there is so much to learn. Nobody knows everything about online business no matter how much experience they have. Things are always changing, so focusing on the basics is always recommended. Our goal here is to provide you with Training, Mentoring, Networking Opportunities and Social Advantages to help improve your business and increase your skill as a seniorpreneur.

11 Lessons - Great For Getting Started

Esty is a huge arts and crafts platform where smart marketers can make very good profits. You need to choose the right niche and you don’t have to create the products yourself. In this course you will find many ideas for products that you can acquire that will be good sellers on Etsy.

11 Lessons - Great For Getting Started

Transition into Retirement with our Successful Online Business Concepts Would You Like To Discover A Shortcut To Turn Your Free Time Into Profits? It’s About Time For You To Learn Online Business Ideas Designed For Adults Over 55!

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